Safehouse, 2016-18

When we are at odds with our home we are in many ways at odds with our own selves. The home is a macrocosm of the human body and a microcosm of the outside world; what happens when we find ourselves in opposition to that which is supposed to house and protect us? Homi Bahba described this feeling as the “unhomely”, and the significance of his term resonates in an era where “home” is often a contested site.

In the fall of 2016, I made Safehouse in an effort to cope. Of late, I am both much safer and more stable than I was when I made the dollhouse. It currently lives in my apartment, unhomed from the circumstances that gave it meaning. With the help of Phil Mercier I wanted to revisit the house, reanimating it within my current home, haunting it with new light.

Many thanks to Phil,